In this quiet suburban community, you’ll find more than just a private 67 acre man-made lake.   Hidden Harbor has many beautiful homes and condominiums with private docks and breathtaking landscapes.  The secret of Hidden Harbor lies in more than just its incandescent beauty, its mystery lies in its history and architecture - which is why the Ehrmin Company enjoyed working on it so much!  Stacy and Gary transformed a 23 year old cedar dock using new cedar and stainless fasteners.  Here’s what the old dock looked like.

Old Cedar dock

Cedar isn’t the easiest wood to work with, but it certainly adds visual appeal.  It also won’t crack, shrink or split down the middle like most pressure treated woods.  However, weather conditions can certainly add a little frustration to your maintenance agenda. If you own a cedar dock, then you know that it requires constant upkeep and periodic staining to keep it looking gorgeous.   A tremendous amount of work went into restructuring this little wonder as Gary and Stacy weren’t working on flat ground.  The structure needed to be rebuilt right from its roots.  They worked tirelessly in 90 degree heat to get this little beauty back into tip top shape.   While working on the dock they talked about how Stacy could come back in another 20 years with her adult kids to rebuild it again. A project for the faint of heart?  I don’t think so!


Gary working on cedar dock stacy working on dock


Here’s the finished product. Isn’t she a beaut?

finished cedar dock

Tips to keep your dock looking fresh and mold free:

  • A clear coat sealant can help slow down the wood’s aging process.  Make sure that it is UV resistant.
  • If your cedar dock has gone grey, you may want to consider a nice redwood stain.
  • Cedar is resistant to wood-boring insects and has an outdoor lifespan of approx 20 years provided you use high quality cedar wood.  In the past, cedar docks/decks were built from original untainted cedar which was loaded with oils and natural chemicals making it resistant to insect attack and decay.  This wood is now incredibly expensive but definitely provides the best bang for your buck.  Modern cedar contains genetically altered wood and lots of sapwood – so it will decay faster and could fail in under 7 to 8 years unless proper measures are taken.
    Contact the Ehrmin Company for more details on how you can keep your deck slick and shiny or get your quality cedar deck installed at a competitive price.

Avoid the following:

Time is key.  Waiting to stain the wood once you install a fresh new cedar deck could mean trouble!  Check out the bright idea that this couple had: 

Don't let this happen to you!