Meet Our Team!

gary ehrmin

Gary Ehrmin, President – Planning and Design

Grandson of founder Victor Ehrmin, Gary took over the company in 1975 from his father, Stanley. He continues to build upon the excellence his family began in 1920.


eric rine

Eric Rine – Fine Carpentry and Skilled Trade Work

Loved by our customers for his keen eye for detail and his meticulous craftsmanship


Gail Lippert

Gail Lippert – Painting and Decorating

If you ask her how she got so good at her job, she’d tell you she owes it to her father, Stanley Ehrmin.


Stacy Ehrmin

Stacy Warren – Installation and Project Coordination

Gary’s daughter and a customer favorite who is known for her ability to add the perfect finishing touch to any project, Stacy is the fourth generation of the Ehrmin family to be involved in the company.