Want to know what’s hot and happening with the Ehrmin Company? We are proud to announce that our newest and latest remodeling project revolves around the addition of the barn door shower system.  That’s right! We’ve managed to capture some of that rustic southern charm and turn it into a sleek and stylish luxurious household amenity! That smooth gliding effect coupled with clear glass and adorned with fine contemporary decor is enough to have your friends and family gawking with envy.


While this project is definitely not for the faint of heart, we thought we’d help give our readers a glimpse at how it's done.  If you succeed at doing this on your own, we commend you for the effort and would love to hear all about it!

Expect this process to take approximately three to four hours.

First, start by measuring and marking a hole pattern. You will need a long water level, measuring tape and masking tape.

barn door installation


Begin by marking your drill lines on either side over your masking tape.  Once you have your drill lines covered, you can now install the rails.  In some cases, the rails may be made of piping and can be cut to meet your shower site dimensions.  If you decide to have your piping cut, make sure your measurements are accurate or you might have to get a new pipe!

barn shower doorbarn shower doorbarn shower door

Your next step is installing door stops (we certainly don’t want you sliding those expensive glass doors into your beautifully tiled shower).  Make sure those door stops are nice and tight.

shower door stop


And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for - installing that sleek glass door.  Be careful, those doors can be pretty heavy.  Asking a neighbor or a friend to assist you might really come in handy here.  Once you have your door positioned, begin mounting the glass fasteners to hold all those complex parts in place!

barn shower doorbarn shower door

And finally, don’t forget the top wheels so that your door can have that exquisite smooth gliding momentum.  Keep your allen wrench handy so that you can get all those elements nice and tight.

shower door top wheelsshower door top wheels

Oh, you thought we were done? Hold on now - just a few more steps.

Mounting the floor guide is just as important.  Make sure your floor guide is properly positioned.

mounting floor guide floor guide

Next, we need to mount the safety pin.  We certainly don't want your shower door falling off or crashing into your beautiful tiled walls.

shower door safety pinshower door safety pin

Finally, don't forget your plush pull so that you can open that beautiful shower door and enjoy a long luxurious well deserved shower after all that work!