What to do after a remodel

Your remodeling project is finally complete. The before and after pictures have been shared on Facebook, and you are ready to invite all of your friends and family over to check out your new space. We love to show off our work, and like a good party as much as anyone! There are just a few things to remember before your remodel is officially wrapped up.

Kitchen Remodel

Deep clean

Let’s face it, remodeling is a messy business. Even with the best efforts to control the dust and debris, it often finds its way into the rest of your home. If you opt out of hiring a professional cleaning service, be sure to set aside a few hours for post-construction cleanup. Don’t forget to replace furnace filters and consider cleaning your ducts after the completion of major remodeling projects.


Develop a maintenance schedule

Ask your remodeler what materials or appliances require regular maintenance, and make sure to create a checklist or calendar reminders to help you remember. Natural materials like granite countertops or wood floors need to be sealed regularly in order to maintain their natural beauty. Certain appliances and plumbing may also require regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently.

Register your warranties

If you have new appliances or fixtures, there are likely warranties attached. Your remodeler will have all of the manuals and warranty information for you when the project is complete. No one likes paperwork, but most companies allow you to easily register your warranties online. Get this done before you file those papers away and forget! 

Appliance Warranty          Appliance Warranty

Contact your insurance agent

Make sure that your homeowner's insurance policy covers the investment you just made in your home. Larger projects can significantly add to the value of your home, and your insurance agent can help ensure that you have adjusted your limits accordingly.


Decorate, Celebrate and Enjoy Your New Space!