Custom woodwork adds unique detail and value

If you have done your research on remodeling, you know that you have thousands of options to choose from when it comes to lighting, countertops and flooring. What is often forgotten is that you also have options beyond the standard woodwork features of trim, baseboards and stock cabinetry. Custom woodwork can be added throughout the home to create uniquely beautiful spaces that are worthy of the cover of a magazine.

Crown Molding

crown molding


Crown molding and woodwork

Gary Ehrmin, owner of Ehrmin Remodeling in Perrysburg, Ohio, has seen first-hand how quality woodwork can turn a generic room into an inspirational space. On a recent home remodeling project, he worked with clients who chose to save money on stock cabinets and flooring, so they could have the flexibility to splurge on custom crown molding in the family room. Eric Rine

According to Gary, the result was stunning. “The crown build up was awesome! The result was almost magical when it was completed.” He was quick to add that not just anyone can create a flawless, custom look with crown molding. “It takes the right carpenter to make the project come together perfectly. “

Gary credits Ehrmin Remodelers’ master carpenter, Eric Rine, for the work on the custom crown molding. “A lot of carpenters can install crown molding, but it takes someone really special to make the product look organic. Eric is a wizard on this type of work.”


Custom cabinetry

Along with adding beauty and elegance to a home, woodwork can also help with the functionality. For starters, custom cabinetry in the kitchen can provide additional options for organization that are not available in stock cabinets. Of course, the design and installation of storage solutions can go well beyond the kitchen. Custom, built-in bookshelves and entertainment stands can add artistic appeal to your living space while allowing you to hide unsightly TV cords, video games and remote controls. They also provide space for the display of your favorite books and decorative pieces.

Custom Storage


Walls and ceilings as works of Art

Even without furniture or cabinetry in the room, custom woodwork can create an awe-inspiring space in any home. Think about it like this, walls without pictures or artwork can be boring or they can be works of art themselves. By adding wainscoting to your dining room, bathroom or stairway you can create a dynamic, easy to maintain design. Custom paneling can also help to add warmth and appeal to your home décor. 

Bathroom Walls

Adding custom woodwork to any room can you give your home a uniquely beautiful look that makes every guest feel like they walked into the pages of a home design magazine. For more ideas on how a master carpenter can make your house feel more like home, contact Ehrmin Remodelers. Find us online at or by calling 419.878.5843.